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Segment 主な業界

Public Sector

Enterprise 金融、製造、流通サービス
Commercial 通信・メディア、金融、プロセス製造、ディスクリート製造、流通サービス
SMB その他、中小企業、ベンチャー
  • 従業員数
  • 売上規模
  • 時価総額
  • ネットキャッシュ






Account Move アカウント移行 A transfer of ownership of a company or account
Aquisition rep 新規営業 A sales representative primarily focused on winning new business
Account Manager 営業担当 A sales representative who manages accounts.
Acceralator/Kicker アクセラレータ An additional bonus or add on when the set goal is achieved.
Baseline ベースライン Your existing base of companies revenue values at the start of the year
Channel Partner Manager チャネルパートナー営業 Sales manager primarily focused on acquiring or retaining, monetizing strategic channel partners
MRR 月々の経常利益 Monthly Recurring Revenue. Revenue whih repeatedly bills each month.
MBO 目標管理 Management by Objectives.
NRR 経常利益 Non-Recurring Revenue. Once off or annual revenue values.
OTE 実利益 On the Target Earnings. Salary value attributable to the commissionable components that can be achieved over and above your base salary.
OTV インテンシブ On the Target Valuable.
PCR   Personal Commision Rate. The percentage of OTV devided by Sales quota.
Country Manager カントリーマネージャ The regional country heads of sales
Account Executive/Development rep 既存担当営業 A sales representative primarily focused on retaining and monetizing existing business
KPI ケーピーアイ Key Performance Indicators. Various measurable of performance as defined by Head of sales based upon regional requirements of driving new revenues in the business. e.g. # of meetings held, contract signed, # of opportunity generation.
PIN/PIP ピン Performance Improvement Notice/Performance Improvement Program. It is a tracked plan of action to coach and direct sales to increase performance.
Quarterly reviews 四半期評価 After each quarter of the year a commission's forum is held where concerns and questions can be raised to Sales Leadership and Commissions management.
QA 予算達成率 Quota Attainment. A particular component of the commission plan, where the growth target of quota is achieved by generating revenue above the existing baseline.
SFDC エスエフディーシー Salesforce.com
YTD ワイティディ Year To Date. Reveune total to date for the sales year. Usually listed as a % achievement against the targets, baseline plus quota.